Rally monitoring

Every rally organizer must comply with rules and regulations that ensure the safety of drivers as well as spectators and residents. The special stages often run through villages and urban areas. It is necessary to coordinate the rally support such as the rally marshals, control room operators, ambulances and other rescue services, helicopters as well as the actual rally participants.

ONI system GPS units are installed in the racing vehicles and significantly improves the safety of the drivers as well as spectators and also helps prevent or deal with unexpected situations. The control room operators can monitor all registered vehicles 24/7 via online portal (www.onisystem.net) and have precise information about the movement and statuses of the vehicles.

The control room operators monitor the racing drivers’ movements, receive immediate information about an accident or an obstacle on the track. They can react immediately and send the yellow flag to terminate the race.


Use ONI system for effective rally organization

  • Major improvement of rally organisation and coordination between the control room operators, the rally marshals and the rescue services. Improvement of safety on the track.
  • Online preview of racing and supporting vehicle movement and personnel with identification and contact details. Map with marked routes of special stages, positions of individual vehicles, important points on the track and other POI with key personnel.
  • Automatic recording of vehicles passing start and finish during special stage.
  • Monitoring of planned and unplanned stopping on the track. Minimizing the safety thread for drivers riding behind the unexpectedly stopping vehicle.
  • Putting up the Yello flag process takes about 20 seconds. Immediate resolution of a dangerous situation (accident, life threatening situation), communication the driver, dispatching of the closest rally marshal.
  • Immediate dispatching of rescue services and paramedics, suspension of the race and sending notification into the vehicles riding towards the obstacle. The operator send yellow flag only to those vehicles approaching the obstacle. Confirmation by the crew that they have received the yellow flag.


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  • Buttons in the rally vehicles for calling for help or confirmation that the crew is ok.
  • Marking of zones for spectators into the map and also forbidden zones that must stay clear of people. Fast coordination of rescue services in case of accident of rally vehicle within the spectators’ zones.
  • Boosting of the GPS signal by radio relays. Units placed in vehicles send information even from areas without GPS coverage. They communicate via private radio network.
  • The servicing technician quickly verifies that the unit in the vehicle is operational and sends data.
  • GPS units are also suitable for test drives. Each crew is entitled to drive through the track several times before the actual race. The drivers must comply with the general traffic code as driving during normal traffic. The rally organized then checks data from the test drives. If a traffic cod is violated, the crew is severely penalized.
  • NON-STOP monitoring of the system during rally run by ONI control room and its operators.

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