There were 397 attacks on civil servants in 2015. How can this situation be resolved?

6. 10. 2016

In the world of today it has become more and more important to provide protection and increase the safety of people and property. Many cities now face a growing level of crime.

More and more we hear news about aggressive attacks on civil servants or hospital staff (last year the Czech Employment Office alone registered a total of 397 attacks on their employees). Other forms of anti-social behaviour that are sadly now a daily reality for many municipalities include vandalism or theft of property.

In connection with the growing demand for increased safety and better protection of public property we held a conference, in cooperation with the Bílina City Police Force and under the patronage of the Hetman of the Ústí District Council, entitled “Technology for safe cities”. This conference was held on September 29th in the town of Bílina.

At the conference we presented systems for calling for help, both in buildings and out in the field, to city mayors, town councillors and city police. Institutions where there is a danger that employees could be attacked (council offices, hospitals, schools), institutions that provide care and also their clients (retirement homes, care services) and people out in the field (lone workers, etc.) now have a simple solution at their disposal. In dangerous situations, technology allows help to be called for. Systems are simple to install and operate and their operation is under 24 hour surveillance. A further area covered was the security of property and public places. Wire-less technology Videofied with video verification of alarms can immediately detect whether vandalism is really taking place or whether it is a false alarm (and therefore unnecessary for the police to go there). We also presented the latest innovations in our GPS trackers, mobile phone application and web application ONI system for monitoring people (police officers, council workers), for monitoring the movement of vehicles and for monitoring the utilization of communal vehicles. Last but not least, we presented technology for operating public lighting and for operating the supply of heat and water – this technology allows energy costs to be lowered and monitoring of the complete operation including any eventual emergency situations.

We hope that our towns and cities will be safer thanks to us.

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