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Technology for monitoring people, thanks to which you know where a person is and whether they need help. We offer these solutions:

The HelpCare emergency alarm system is designed mainly for social services. It allows staff to be notified by a resident who feels ill or needs help. Pressing a button creates an alarm on the web application and also on the mobile applications of on-duty staff.

GPS trackers TICK for monitoring the movements of people allow you to monitor people, follow their movements in the field or coordinate employees during work. Via the mobile application it is possible to display the current location of a person and their prior movements.

Increase the safety of children, seniors and employees in dangerous workplaces.
Check whether an employee has been where they should have been.

Advantages of using this technology for monitoring people

  • First–class wireless technology
  • Very simple installation or no installation needed at all
  • Simple operation via intuitive mobile and web applications
  • Low setup cost
  • Secured mobile and web applications and data transmission
  • 24/7 support of technology functionality

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Download: The HelpCare catalogue.pdf

Download: The TICK catalogue.pdf

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