km driven by a personal vehicle each year
l/100 km lower consumption due to change in driving style
CZK saved yearly on fuel consumption

Application for cost reduction

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The manner of using the company vehicles has significant effect on the level of fuel costs and the vehicle wear and tear. Ineffective utilization of the fleet and wrong driving habits can increase the company’s operational expenses by tens of percent. With the ONI Economy system it is easy to discover any violations against the optimal run and start with educating the drivers and improving their diving style and behaviour.

An aggressive and fast driving only increases the risk of an accident and also increases the fuel usage and wear and tear of the vehicle. Monitor your drivers‘ driving style with comprehensive reports included in the Driving style feature.

Other unpleasant problem that a company owner or a manager must face is fuel theft. ONI system provides extended statistics on vehicle and heavy machine utilization based on which the manager can optimize the vehicle operation. You don’t just minimize the idling time, but you can also discover and therefore prevent the fuel theft for vehicles equipped with a fuel level meter.

Advantages of using fuel cost reduction system

  • Reading information from CAN Bus or FMS circuit of the vehicle
  • Installation of fuel level meter for monitoring the possible fuel theft
  • Immobilization of vehicles, heavy machinery or handling equipment to prevent its abuse by unauthorized personnel
  • Driver or operator identification to assure the employees responsibility for the usage of the company equipment
  • Increased work efficiency thanks to two-way communication between the controller and the driver via Garmin navigation
  • Automatic generation of a log book saves time for manual handling of the travel statements
  • Cost reduction due to well-arranged reports of the vehicle and machine utilization
  • Optimization of busses operation, exact information on idling or excessive heating
  • Driving style – an ideal „educational tool“ for the drivers

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