Monitoring of bus transportation services

The owners of bus companies are constantly struggling to find the right balance between the operational costs and the necessity to satisfy the customers’ needs and the actual income from the passengers.

They also need to optimize the buses’ utilization as best as possible and lower the operational costs. The key is in having a perfect overview of the buses’ movement and an automatically generated log book.

Optimize your bus transportation services

  • Lower the costs related to idling. The GPS unit monitors the bus’s idling time and if the set value is exceeded the unit reports it in the system as an offence.
  • Lower the costs by monitor your drivers‘ driving style. The unit monitors aggressive acceleration that causes higher fuel consumption. You can compare the driving style of individual buses as well as drivers. Evaluate the consumption per driven kilometre for individual trip. By improving the driving style of your drivers you can considerably reduce costs related to fuel consumption.
  • Lower the cost by monitoring the heating and air conditioning. The unit in the bus records the time of heating and provides a chart with the temperature progress. The unit can recognize if the maximum set temperature has been exceeded and records it in the system.
  • Lower the service related costs. The unit recognizes that the engine is being over-speeded. The high RPM time is recorded and reported as an incident.
  • Increase the passengers‘ safety. The unit monitors the maximum allowed speed. An exceeded speed is again reported as an incident.
  • Data from the GPS unit could be utilized via the web portal or have the data sent into your ERP system via API and provide it to your control room.
  • Ensure the driver’s safety. If attacked, he can use the panic button installed on the dashboard to call for help.

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