A system for calling help, ensuring the safety of people and recording the work of employees

HelpCare is a reliable technological solution for monitoring people and recording activities. Whether the monitored person is moving
indoors or outdoors they can call for help if faced with life-threatening, unforeseen or other restrictive situations. At the same time, employers have an overview about how the situation arose, when it happened, and by whom (and how) it was resolved.

It is suitable for:

  • shopping centres
  • retirement homes
  • hospitals
  • authorities
  • hotels
  • schools

How HelpCare works?

HelpCare consists of both various types of indoor and outdoor panic buttons for calling help and also further devices that send data to both the mobile application for resolving alarms and to the web application for administration of the complete system. If someone finds themselves in a life-threatening situation or needs help they can call a security guard or care-giver for help just by the press of a button. It does not matter if the monitored person is inside or outside the building. Information that a panic button has been pressed is immediately displayed on the mobile phones of predetermined persons and at the same time shown on the monitoring screen of the control centre or supervisors office.

HelpCare can be used for various purposes



Main reasons for using HelpCare

  • Buttons that are simple to operate
  • Call for help both inside and outside the buildings
  • Each button and device can be named
  • Personnel can move anywhere, where is wifi or mobile datas
  • All personnel see every activation of the alarm
  • The system can be “made to measure”
  • Wireless devices, simple to install
  • Simple administration
  • An unlimited number of devices can be connected to the system
  • 24-hour remote technical support
  • Higher quality at lowe cost. Easy to use with minimal training


The mobile application is designed for nursing staff and caregivers, who are currently at work or on-call and who take care of clients. It provides quick resolution of alarms and the facility to add commentary about what happened. It provides an overview of who has called for help (and when), whether the situation is being resolved by anyone and if so, by whom. Audio and vibration signals are set off when an alarm is raised.



The web platform is designed for setting up the HelpCare system according to the specific needs of the place where it will be used. This defines the owners of specific buttons/devices, supplemented by information of the client (e. g. further details of health problems and medication taken) or of the monitored object (e. g. the exact location of the shop in the shopping centre, contacts to responsible persons, etc.). The system is designed for the administration of users (access for care staff or manager access), the setting of which working days (and from when or until) messages should be transmitted and on the mobile applications of which people messages should be displayed.

Editing of informations about clients

Editing of informations about clients


List of all events that occured during the period chosen

List of all events that occured during the period chosen

Do you want to learn more?

Look at HelpCare general catalogue to find out how you can solve threatening situations and protect people and property just from the press of a button.

English version Catalogue HelpCare EN.pdf

German version Katalog HelpCare_DE.pdf


Do you take care of seniors? Look at our specialized HelpCare catalogue for senior accomodation and care services.

English version Catalogue HelpCare_senior accomodation_EN.pdf

German version Katalog HelpCare_seniorpflege_DE.pdf


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