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The town administration is responsible for the safety of properties and assets and also for the safety of the people. The town representatives and the emergency and security services need immediate information about:

  • vandalism
  • unauthorised entry into town objects
  • movement of unauthorised people
  • people at risk whose life is under thread
  • people whose safety and health is under thread, people at risk

Every year the town representatives need to prepare a balanced budget and at the same time secure all the necessary services for its citizens. We help the towns lower the costs of:  

  • Municipal waste collection
  • Street lighting
  • Operation of technical services
  • Operation of police, fire departments or emergency medical services

We deliver technologies that help prevent unnecessary damages on the property and the health of citizens. It also allows for immediate reaction to an emergency situation or even its prevention.

Make your work easier with monitoring technologies for towns

We produce hardware and software that can prevent damages on property and human health. Our technologies can facilitate the operation of the town assets by creating products and services for the following purposes:

  • Surveillance and monitoring of objects – connect a day care centre to 1Box alarm receiving centre and have information about statuses of monitored objects, disturbance, vandalism or fire safety.
  • Effective operation of the police – connect 1Box monitoring system with the town camera system, the information system of the police and system for recording phone calls.
  • Managing the street lights – use the system to manage turning the lights on and off, for reporting of outages or identification of the distribution board inputs; reduce the electricity costs.
  • Managing the heat distribution – measure the energy offtake of individual objects or monitor critical statuses of boiler rooms.
  • Improving the quality of care and safety of the elderly – in case of a drop in staff numbers maintain the care quality level by equipping the care house with panic buttons and other devices and systems for remote communication with a career, nurse or emergency services.
  • Technical services – monitoring of gritting and road salting vehicles, optimal utilization of the trucks during winter maintenance.
  • Collection of municipal waste – monitoring of municipal vehicles and optimization of routes and trips.
  • Record keeping of the service vehicles run – optimization of the vehicles operation, generation of log book.
  • Monitoring of public transport – information on location, timekeeping and delay of buses.
  • Monitoring of parking meters – detection of damage through vandalism, coin filling status, breakdown statuses, which can cause significant economic loss.
  • Other technical statuses of the town infrastructure – monitoring of the water surface level on rivers and brooks, leakage of substances, monitoring of temperature.

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