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Manage your company and the employees in an easy, safe way and sleep peacefully

We offer own hardware and software that helps manage and protect the company’s property and people’s health from unnecessary damage.

 Use GPS and radio units in your vehicles.

  • Identify the drivers – know exactly which vehicle was driven by which driver, where did each driver go and how well did he handle the vehicle.
  • Have the driver’s work under control – monitor the kilometres driven, time spent en route or on transfers. Set allowed and forbidden areas and designate his work scope. Monitor the entries and exits from one area into another.
  • Do the drivers use company vehicle for private trips? Differentiate between business and private trips with a special switch and charge your employees for private trips.
  • Lower the costs on fuel consumption or the vehicle wear and tear. Evaluate the driving style and have information about the driver’s level of aggressiveness, his ability to foresee, engine over-speeding, aggressive breaking and acceleration.
  •  Generate an automatic vehicle log book – the processing and approving of the travel orders is simple and fast.
  • Increase the efficiency and utilization of your vehicles by planning and managing the drivers, their trips and routes. Match expenses to the right contracts – identify individual trips via the contracts’ numbers. Use Garmin navigation connected with the GPS unit in the vehicle and send targets to the drivers. Set POI for easier navigation in the field.
  •  Prevent your vehicles from theft. The GPS unit installed in the vehicle sends immediate SMS and e-mail in case of the vehicle or the wheel theft, towing of the vehicle or accident on the parking lot. Deal with such situation right when they happen.
  • Have detailed information about the vehicle run provided by the on-board computer, the accurate fuel consumption thanks to connection to the vehicle CANBus.
 Monitor your objects with professional providers of safety and fire alarm services who use our technologies.

  • Use the advantages of devices with remote transfer. Such devices are designated for automatic transfer of statuses of objects secures by electronic fire alarm systems into the place where interventions are organized from. Fire call points placed within the objects are connected to alarm receiving centre. The fire is reported by the fire call point immediately after the fire has started. The reaction time is decreased rapidly. The firefighters gain precious minutes that can save people’s lives and property.
  • Improve the protection of the company property against intrusion or theft of goods and material. Thanks to 1Box® monitoring system your objects are monitored 24/7 by the control room operators who can react to unexpected situation right immediately. Use the advantages of camera systems or electronic safety and fire systems. Was the intervention authorized? Ask your provider for a camera recordings of the situation before the intervention and complete telephone communication that took place after the intrusion. Don’t waste money on unnecessary interventions!
  • Do you wish to have your objects under control anywhere and anytime?   Use MojePCO mobile application for monitoring objects connected to alarm receiving centre. Have information about the alarm statuses, switching on and off the object arming, failures related to object monitoring and records of carried out interventions including comments from the monitoring centre operator.
  •  We provide NON-STOP monitoring of technologies. Our partners have their objects and assets under control 24/7/365. We are able to deal with any unexpected situation or an outage immediately.


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