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The firefighters are here to ensure the safety of people and property. The operators of the fire department and the firefighters themselves need immediate information on the following:

  • fire origin or detailed information about a serious accident on the object
  • possible leakage of dangerous substances
  • increase of the water surface level and other monitoring statuses

All firefighting services require reliable and perfect coordination during fire elimination in order to stop its spreading and minimise the damages.

We provide technologies that help minimise unnecessary damage on a property or a human health. Our systems help react quickly to an emergency situation at the moment of its origin or even help to prevent it.

Utilize our special technologies for firefighters and make your job easier

  • We offer solution for remote transfer. It is designated for automatic transfer of information about statuses of objects secured by the electronic fire alarm systems into the operation centre where an intervention is managed. Our devices are compatible with most available electronic fire alarm systems on the market.
  • Fire sensors placed in object are connected to alarm receiving centre. A fire is reported by the fire detector at the exact moment of its origin therefore the reaction time is extremely short. The fire department reacts much earlier and does not depend on the call from a by passer. The controlling operator gains extra minutes that can help protect lives and property.
  • 1Box® system receives and displays messages from objects. REGGAE eps DATA, a specially developed communicator, collects data from fire switchboards received from individual detectors and sends all into NET-G controlling software.
  • Connection to KOPIS – in case of an installation of 1Box in the county or regional control room, collected data are further transferred into the information system of the Fire Rescue Services. In case of a fire the firefighters have information about the object, but also about the exact place (room) of the fire or the exact placement of the sensor that has detected the fire.    
  • A fire report and a device failure report could be split into two control rooms. The fire control room operator takes care of the fires and the technical issues are dealt with by a technical support partner.
  • Our solutions are in compliance with all legal acts and legislations of the fire rescue department of the Czech Republic. All our products and components are tested in authorized laboratories and comply with requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. The system was certified by the directorate-general of the Fire rescue services general and complies with standards for fire security.
  • ONI system GPS tracking units placed in individual fire vehicles send information about the placement of the fire equipment. The controlling operator on duty can see the location of individual vehicles, where they are going and when they will arrive there. The operator can coordinate the fire vehicles remotely. He can also send coordinates to a vehicle thanks to connection between the GPS unit and navigation and send the driver to a place with reported fire or other emergency.
  • Data from electronic fire alarm systems as well as from other communication detectors and devices could be sent to 1Box alarm receiving centre. The devices are used to monitor various life threatening situations. The sensors can detect e.g. a leakage of dangerous substances or increased water surface over a set level. The controlling operator can use the information to announce an emergency situation and quickly alarm and coordinate the emergency and rescue services.

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