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Communicators for asset monitoring and data transfer

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NAM system offers communication devices that provide fast and safe transfer of information from the monitored asset switch board to the controlling of Alarm Receiving Centre. We have solution for all communication routes and all the asset types. As the system developer we can quickly react to customer needs. The devices comply with all safety regulations and are approved by the Czech Fire-fighting department.

 Areas of utilization: 

  • Security systems – specially developed communicators – REGGAE and SAMBA, which can connect as many as 99 % commonly available switchboards for Intruder and hold-up alarm systems. It includes fixed inputs, outputs and data lines (RS 232/485, WIEGAND, DALLAS). It supports all commonly used transfer routes or its combinations (GSM-GPRS/SMS, private radio, LAN, VTS).
  • Fire Alarm Systems – ZDP REGGAE, the device for remote transfer, supports the data communication with most of the fire alarm switchboards. The devices have fixed inputs and communication lines (RS232/485) for transfer of detailed information from the switchboard. The communication is carried out via GSM (GPRS/SMS), radio network or its combination.

Access control and attendance systems – the REGGAE communicators in combination with readers (WIEGAND, DALLAS) are ideal for simple applications for data collection and for managing the access control. The communication is done via GSM networks.

Advantages of NAM®technology communicators

Save time and expenses by using the advanced functionalities of our communicators.  

  • Remote and local configuration and diagnostic
  • Remote upgrade
  • Data protection – AES128, APN
  • Fast and easy installation
  • SIM cards already included in delivered devices
  • Usage of multiSIM for automatic switch between GSM networks
  • One device can communicate via several communication routes
  • Variants – only printed circuit or ready-to-use box with a source and a battery

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